What The Freelance

The freelance market grew 63% in 2015, with 42% being creative roles. Experts even suggest that the self-employed will outgrow the public sector workforce by 2018*. 

The idea of going freelance is irresistible. No more boss who doesn’t appreciate your work. No more restrictions. You can travel and create a career that fits in with your life.  

And why not? You’ve studied, worked hard and perfected your skills. It’s time for you to go freelance! Freedom at last! 

Slow down there. You are about to be derailed by one of the worst assumptions you can make going into the freelance market.  

You understand the creative work of your business but don’t understand a business that does creative work. And make no mistake, you are starting a business. 

Don’t panic – you can take your freelance skills from 0 to 250km p/h in a matter of days.

*European Forum of Independent Professionals, “Future Working Report”


What The Freelance Quote

I finally found a freelance business course that is actually helpful. In addition to the awesome and practical knowledge, the course gives powerful insight into being self-employed, business ethics and effectively making things work as a creative freelancer


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